A foreign employee with a residence permit

The employment of foreigners with a residence permit is not much different from the registration of a Russian citizen. The possession of a wide range of rights and freedoms makes work for foreigners with a residence permit in the Russian Federation attractive, convenient and profitable.

In the process of employment, there is no need for additional documents, such employees can be sent on business trips, as well as hired without any restrictions. 

In addition to the above advantages, foreign employees with a residence permit will not be included in the maximum share of foreign employees in specific industries, which allows them to work in almost any field. However, in order to preserve these privileges, it is necessary to ensure that the residence permit status of a foreign employee is not revoked.

Foreigners with a residence permit are obliged to fill out and submit an annual notification of confirmation of residence in the Russian Federation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The deadline for submitting a notification is 2 months from the date of expiration of the next year after receiving a residence permit. As a result of submitting the notification, the foreign person will receive its detachable part with the signature of the inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is a confirmation of non-violation of the regime of stay in the Russian Federation.

The cancellation of the residence permit status may occur as a result of an employee’s admission of a violation, for example, failure to notify a foreign person of residence for 2 consecutive years.