The parliament is preparing a bill on the creation of a crypto exchange in Russia.

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It is
planned to create a document taking into account the opinions of market
participants and submit it for discussion to the Cabinet of Ministers and the
Central Bank.

parliament was engaged in the formation of draft amendments to the laws for the
launch of the national crypto exchange in Russia. The deputies discussed the
necessary amendments to the law “On Digital Financial Assets”.

They say
that it is necessary to take into account the position of market participants
and then submit the bill for discussion to the Ministry of Finance and the Bank
of Russia. They clarify that the cryptocurrency is in circulation outside of
state regulation, and therefore, the budget does not receive billions of rubles
in taxes.

In the
Russian jurisdiction, it is necessary to create a crypto exchange and
conditions for the legalization of cryptocurrencies, in such a way that it does
not contradict the position of the government. We are not talking about using
cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument, but the exchange will serve for the
declaration and conversion of cryptocurrencies. It is possible that
cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment for foreign goods.

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