Tax changes in the Government’s draft.

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The Cabinet of Ministers has submitted to Parliament a draft law that includes amendments in the tax sphere. One of them is a tax for citizens who have left the country, but continue to work in a Russian company from abroad. The rate of this tax should not be higher than 15%.

The out-of-court procedure for resolving tax disputes will also be expanded and the exemption of developers from VAT will be introduced for the construction of non-residential premises in multi-storey buildings.

These changes are extensive in nature, after their approval it will be necessary to change more than 20 by-laws that relate to tax payers.

The salary of employees of Russian companies operating outside Russia will be taxed at the rate of 13% or 15%.

At the same time, the project is being developed without taking into account the norms of international treaties – agreements on the avoidance of double taxation.

If there is such an agreement between Russia and the employee’s country of residence, the amendment will not matter.

Simplifications for foreign companies.

Tax registration in Russia will have to be carried out only by those foreign companies that provide electronic services to individuals.

At the moment, this is done by all companies, including those that cooperate only with legal entities.

Russian subsidiaries are required to register for tax accounting due to the fact that they receive software for work from the parent foreign company.

Electronic power of attorney

Taxpayers will be able to electronically reflect information that it has given an employee the authority to represent his interests. This will simplify the document flow between the tax inspectorate and the taxpayer.

Calculation of taxes when re-registering a company

According to the new rules, if a company changes the tax accounting region at the end of the year, taxes must be calculated at the rate that was in effect in the region where the company was registered at the end of the year.