Verification of LLC registration as an operating company

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Registration of an LLC is the creation of a new company on the basis of documents submitted to the Federal Tax Service.

Checking the registration status of an LLC is necessary, since sometimes there are failures in the work of the Federal Tax Service (FTS). In this case, the registration period does not fit into 3 working days, which slows down the rest of the processes associated with the creation of a new company. This applies to opening a bank account, registering as an employer, ordering seals and other actions.

In order to find out at what stage the LLC registration process is in the Federal Tax Service, you can use one of several available methods. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Personal visit to the Federal Tax Service

You can find out the registration status of an LLC at the tax service department where the documents were submitted. To do this, you will need a passport and the applicant’s TIN.

You can find out the address of the inspection that received the documents after submitting the application on the FTS website in the section “Determining the details of the inspection FTS”.

This method is suitable for the applicant if the documents for registration of the LLC were submitted personally to the tax service. It is important to have the details of the receipt of the documents. In a conversation with a contact center employee, it is necessary to name the date of receipt of documents and the incoming number specified in the receipt.

During communication with a specialist, it is important to pass identification, for this it is necessary to name the personal data and passport data of the founder. Without this information, the employee has the right to refuse to provide information about registration due to the inability to identify the person contacting the contact center.

Online service of the Federal Tax Service

The service allows you to find out the registration status of an LLC, the date and method of filing documents, as well as the registration authority of the tax service. To simplify the search, there are several fields to fill in, where there is a choice of the form of the submitted document, the filing period and the number of the inspection to which the papers were submitted.

After filling in one of the fields, the site will display information about the registration stage:

  • “documents in processing”;
  • “ready for delivery”;
  • “issued”.

Upon successful registration, the tax service will send a sheet of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and a certificate of tax registration on paper, as well as in electronic form.

It is important to remember about the possibility of refusal to register an LLC. The reason should be reflected in the decision of the Federal Tax Service. These errors need to be corrected and you can re-submit documents for registration.

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