Residence permit of the Russian Federation by investment: who can obtain a residence permit of an investor in Russia.

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By virtue of the initiation of a case on the right of ownership of the Russian Federation, approving the appointment by foreigners of an application and obtaining a residence permit as an investor without obtaining a temporary residence permit.

According to this resolution, a foreign citizen is entitled to obtain a residence permit in Russia on the expectation that the requirements are met: Probable investments in socially significant projects in the Russian Federation in the amount of at least 15 million rubles within 3 years, acquisition of real estate in Russia at the construction stage or within 2 years of its operation with subsequent ownership for 1 year.

In addition, a foreign citizen who has registered a legal entity in the territory of the Russian Federation is also entitled to obtain a residence permit in Russia if he has already ceased entrepreneurial activity within 2 years. At the same time, a foreigner must be represented by a JSC or OO at the time of consideration of the residence permit, and his company must pay all taxes and other payments.

Accepted for consideration is the issue of resolving the limited categories of foreigners that meet the conditions for obtaining a residence permit. This modification of the legislation is undeniably a prospect for the development of this branch of law.