Unified electronic visa for foreigners began to operate in Russia

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From August 1, an electronic visa system for citizens
from 55 countries of the world will start operating in Russia. An e-visa does
not require invitations or confirmations from the host party, it is not
necessary to be present in person, and the waiting period is up to 4 days.

The application for a visa is issued on the official
website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, after which it is
necessary to print out the notification – it will work as a permit to enter the
country. The visa will allow you to come to Russia for tourist purposes, with a
business or guest visit. In addition, specialists will be allowed to
participate in socio-political, cultural, and economic events.

With an electronic visa, you will be able to stay in
the country for no more than 16 days. The document will be valid for 60 days
after registration. The cost of the visa will be about $ 50, for children under
6 years old it will be issued for $ 2. The visa does not limit the border
crossing points – a foreigner can both pass the border at the airport and

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