Relocation of business in the UAE.


There are fewer suitable options left for moving a business
to another country. The UAE is one of the most popular business destinations.
Consider the pros and cons of relocating a business to this country.


– There are no taxes on capital gains, wages and profits.
VAT in case of sale of goods is also 0%.

– Stable exchange rate of the national currency against the
dollar and euro.

– Simple reporting system.

– In six months, you can apply for the status of a tax

– The loyal attitude of the state to business.

– Absence of corruption.


– Serious checks when opening a bank account.

– Business should be transparent.

– There is no clear legislative regulation in the field of
intellectual property.

The company is registered from three days to three weeks.
Opening a bank account will take about a month. Thus, the entire company
registration process will take approximately 2-3 months.

There are two options for starting a business: a local
company or a company in a free economic zone.

It is easier for a local company to do business, but there
are a number of limitations:

– for some types of activities, it is necessary to have a
partner-owner of 51% of the company’s shares.

– availability of an office.

– registration of medical insurance for the employee.

– registration is carried out in different instances.

A local company is suitable for offline business. And for a
large business, the presence of a local partner is not required.

Registration of a company in one of the free economic zones
has a number of advantages:

– registration is quick and easy in a single window mode.

– you will be 100% owner of the company.

– registration of medical insurance for employees is not

There are also a number of disadvantages:

– not all activities are allowed in the UAE.

– opening a bank account is a bit more complicated.

– the number of work visas without an office is limited.

Registration in the free zone is suitable for companies
conducting online business.

In order to live in the UAE, there is a resident visa, which
is issued for two or three years. If you sign an employment contract, then the
resident visa will be working. In order for the resident’s visa not to be
canceled, it is necessary to visit the country every six months. When buying a
property, a resident visa is issued for a period of two to ten years. 

For freelance programmers, the easiest option is to get a
freelance package in one of the free economic zones.

Registration of a company in the UAE is a transparent
process, but for this it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances
– you need to find a business premises before registration, and you also need
to choose a free economic zone according to the necessary conditions.


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