The crypto market attracts new investers. Reasons.

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Analysts note that recently there has been an increased interest in cryptocurrency from the institutional market, while previously crypto assets were mainly interested in private investors.

Large players most often invest for a period of 6 to 12 months. They focus on DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi where DeFi is a clear favorite.

The cryptocurrency market is different from the rest – a high level of turbulence, in this regard, hedge funds show the greatest interest in it. At the same time, pension, insurance and family funds are also ready to enter the game.

Analytics show that in the near future, institutions will shift private investors from leadership positions and in three years they will own more than 60 percent of crypto assets.

Such actions of funds contribute to greater recognition of cryptocurrencies in the world, as large players put their reputation and authority on the line, respectively, a private investor is more willing to invest in a crypto asset if the company he trusts is also part of this business.

Many believe that the cryptocurrency market is in its initial state and as a result promises large returns on investments in the future.

To date, we already see close cooperation between private investors and major players: companies are being created that advise, insure, manage the assets of private investors who, having gained experience, will be able to implement cryptocurrency independently.