Permanent residence permit in Russia: what does it give


If a foreign citizen wants to live in Russia, he needs temporary or permanent residence permit. However, temporary residence permit is valid only in one region and its validity is limited. That is why foreign citizens are eager to get permanent residence permit in Russia, what does this document give? Actually, it entitles foreign citizen to live, work, run business in a country without any restrictions.

Permanent residence permit owner has almost the same rights and obligations in Russia as Russian citizens but with some restrictions as inability to participate in elections. However, it is possible to draw up documents in general or simplified manner. General manner which most of applicants follow implies the necessity to get temporary residence permit, live with it within 8 months in a country prior to pretend to any advantages of permanent residence permit in Russia. There are many advantages this document has.

What rights does permanent residence permit give in Russia?

Having permanent residence permit a foreigner can continuously live and work in country. He is entitled to move from region to region since the document is valid throughout country. Moreover, presence of permanent residence permit is a mandatory condition of obtaining Russian citizenship in future. Without that document it is almost impossible for foreigner to become Russian citizen.

In addition, foreign citizen who has already obtained permanent residence permit is entitled to freely change his place of residence. Meanwhile he does not need to inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs when moving. It is only necessary to register at place of new residence. 

Besides permanent residence permit entitles a foreigner to freely cross Russian borders at any time. After permanent residence permit is obtained there is no need to stay in Russia without a break. Goals of leaving and arriving to the country may absolutely different: holiday, business trip, travel to motherland, education trip, treatment. Actually, the goal does not matter.

The only restriction is time limit for foreigner staying outside the country, which may not totally exceed 6 months (180 days) within one calendar year (such rule has some restrictions). Otherwise permanent residence permit will be annulled. 

Another privilege of permanent residence permit is possibility to work and do business freely in any company and at any region. It should be mentioned that such privilege refers only to foreign citizens of full age. Foreign citizens who have obtained permanent residence permit and continuously live in Russia are entitled to get pension. Pension payments are accrued on the same conditions as for Russian citizens. 

After a foreigner obtains permanent residence permit, he/she is entitled to make invitations to other foreigners to arrive in Russia. It should be noted that temporary residence permit does not give such privileges to foreign citizen.

What does permanent residence permit give to a citizen in Russia?

In addition to above-mentioned advantages permanent residence permit entitles foreign citizen to get obligatory health insurance policy. It entitles a foreign citizen to use services of state medical institutions for free. 

What obligations does foreign citizen have?

After foreign citizen obtains permanent residence permit, he/she gets rights and obligations as well.

  • To inform annually the Ministry of Internal Affairs about staying in the country;
  • Not to leave country for period exceeding 6 months within one calendar year.

To sum up what does permanent residence permit give in Russia, we may conclude that obtaining permanent residence permit is so attractive for foreign citizens due to significant advantages it has. However, you should not forget about obligations foreign citizen acquires as soon as he/she obtains permanent residence permit. If above-mentioned conditions are broken, the document may be annulled.


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