IT-technologies in Russia in the current realities

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Development of Russian IT technologies and export growth

Recently, IT-specialists are becoming more and more in demand. In this regard, the state has developed a national program to support IT companies called “Digital Economy”. In this regard, the number of accredited organizations increased from 4,000 to 28,000 in just a year.

The total revenue of hundreds of the largest representatives of the IT industry over the past year, according to various sources, ranges from 1.945 trillion rubles. up to 2.77 trillion rubles. The leaders of the rating, as usual, are distributors of computer equipment, servers, systems and data storage, etc. They are followed by software and game developers.

The very concept of information technology is quite extensive, although recently it has been equated with the concept of “computer technology”, and includes many areas. For example: information processing and storage, computer technology, methods of organizing and interacting with people, automation of technological processes.

Despite the pandemic, the demand for domestic technologies and software continues to grow. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, Russian IT companies’ export growth increased by 5-10%. In 2021, this figure reached almost 20%. It is too early to make forecasts for 2022 as the market is changing and many companies are closing or changing direction.

Search for alternatives

Buyers of Russian-made products are also changing. So, since 2013, the largest volumes of purchases have been from Germany, the USA, Great Britain and Switzerland. Now the focus has changed to Asian countries and the Arab states. This is primarily due to sanctions and the need to look for other markets.

In this regard, the leading positions in the market are occupied by those market participants who were able to adapt and find counterparties in friendly countries.

This spring, representatives of the IT industry faced a series of sanctions from the US and the EU. The subsidiaries of the founders of 1C and Kaspersky Lab were blocked. However, there are other sales markets, and Russian products are quite in demand in other countries.

Promising technologies

Among the most famous: products of Kaspersky Lab, Astra Linux (operating system), PostgreSQL (database management system).

There are also other equally popular products in the maritime industry (for example, underwater navigation and communications), programs in the field of biomechanics of the human body that allow mobility caused by injury, paralysis or disease, software for recovering lost data, etc.

Russian IT products are high-tech, thanks to which they remain in demand, and many continue to cooperate with Russian manufacturers despite the sanctions.