International payments will be able to be made in digital currency.

It is planned to introduce cryptocurrency into circulation in order to reduce Russia’s dependence on global financial assets. Methods for using cryptocurrency mining are being developed.

The government will create a Russian cryptocurrency platform for the administration of digital currencies. Exporters will be able to pay with digital currencies when making foreign payments. In Russia, it is planned to create from 10 to 50 billion dollars of cryptocurrencies for foreign economic activity.

While there is no information about which companies will be able to use the new platform, their admission will be handled by the national regulator. The service will be used by participants of foreign trade for settlements in cryptocurrency, as well as crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrencies to participants of foreign trade.

The parliament notes that if conditions are created for the use of digital currencies, Russia’s dependence on global financial assets will be reduced. First of all, you need to create a legal framework for mining cryptocurrencies.

A law will be created establishing a new classification of economic activities for cryptocurrency miners who will be able to work legally.

Since April 1, the project has been launched in a pilot format with a virtual currency – 15 banks are participating in it. The ruble is being tested digitally for payments and settlements, including for external settlements.