The possibility of providing benefits to entrepreneurs in the IT sector is being considered.

The Parliamentary Committee on Small and Medium-sized Businesses has asked the Ministry of Digital Development to consider new benefits for businessmen from the IT sector. Despite the fact that small businesses feel a lack of resources for development, the chances of accepting these benefits are estimated as low.

The deputies ask the relevant department to extend IT benefits to entrepreneurs. Previously, a register of companies that can receive state support was created. This list includes only accredited companies, but not entrepreneurs. In Russia, the majority of small IT businesses are registered as entrepreneurs. Thus, it is assumed that it is necessary to ensure a balance of rights for all business entities.

IT companies accredited by the relevant ministry are entitled to receive a number of benefits – zero income tax rate until the end of 2024, zero VAT when transferring rights to their developments to the state, and companies can also pay insurance premiums for their employees at a reduced rate.  Companies are exempt from any inspections until 2025. Employees can apply for a preferential mortgage and a deferral from military service.

Only a company can receive these benefits, but now the possibility of extending tax benefits to entrepreneurs is being considered. These changes will allow you to create new products and introduce innovations.