Business will get rid of the annual confirmation of the type of activity

The innovation will simplify the submission of reports to businesses and significantly reduce the processing time of documents. Now the process will reduce the time for which government agencies will check the submitted documentation.

The draft was adopted in the first reading by the State Duma. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will be completely exempt from confirming the code of the All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (Main Type of Activity) in the Social Fund. Now organizations are required to confirm the activities of their company annually.

Confirmation of activity helps to establish a coefficient for social insurance against accidents at work. After the adoption of the law, the duty of separate units to confirm their activities will remain if they have accounts open and payments are made to employees.

Confirmation will be required only if the Mane Type of Activity changes and the percentage of the share changes. The data will be submitted to the Federal Tax Service.

In case of non-compliance, the insurer will set the tariff corresponding to the actual Mane Type of Activity. Also, the state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs will be the only source of data on Mane Type of Activity.