Compensation for lost income

The state has proposed new measures to compensate Russian investors for lost income. Now the refund will be made at the expense of funds of foreign companies in ruble Eurobonds to accounts of type “And”. Investors will be able to receive the equivalent of the previously lost income that was invested in foreign securities. First, individuals will receive payments, then shareholders and investors. The changes necessary for the payment of interest have already been made.

Thus, funds in accounts of type “I” withheld from foreign companies and funds on which they cannot dispose will be turned into compensation for frozen securities. If there are not enough funds, payments will be made in proportion to the existing shares.

Accounts of type “And” consist of money paid out under the old payment procedure and new payments due to shareholders. Although they are in any case less than the frozen foreign shares, the state will pay compensation from them, and then will look for other ways to solve the problem.