Business relocation and large capital management


At the moment, there is an amnesty of capital,
which will help to amnesty foreign assets. If a citizen has not previously
reported about his property, accounts, companies, then now he can submit
information to the tax authorities and he will be released from any liability.
This measure is a one-time measure and therefore it is important to correctly
issue a set of documents before filing and analyze the situation in advance. In
this case, the tax will not be collected from the citizen.

For the safety of assets, steps are also being
considered to place assets in friendly jurisdictions, but even in this case,
certain risks remain, so the transfer of assets to Russia is a logical measure
for those who have fallen under sanctions. If a person’s assets are located in
an unfriendly jurisdiction, then for normal functioning it is recommended that
the person reside there or not in Russia.

The UAE has become one of the most popular
destinations for Russians to move. People purchase real estate, as well as
issue bank accounts and register companies. At the same time, it is necessary
to take into account the nuances of local legislation regulating family and
hereditary issues. For example, there are countries where there are high risks
of litigation in the division of large assets, despite the existence of a
marriage contract. Experts call Great Britain one of such jurisdictions.


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