What is a virtual address?

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A virtual address is a real street address that you can use as a mailing address or business address without the need for you or your business to physically occupy that space.


For example, if you are living in California but want to establish your business presence in Delaware while working remotely, you could sign up for a small business plan from Earth Class Mail, a LegalZoom company. Then you could choose our Wilmington address at 2810 N. Church St.

You can start using your new virtual address for mailing purposes as soon as you fill out the USPS 1583 form and have it notarized.

How a virtual address helps your business

A virtual address saves you time and money, while providing several key solutions—at any stage of your business.

To protect your privacy while starting a business, a virtual address keeps your home address private. This public-facing address adds to your professional credibility and eliminates the need to pay for office space or to change addresses if you ever move—your virtual address goes wherever you do. You can use our virtual addresses to register your business right from the beginning or switch your established business to one of our addresses.

Alternatively, if you live abroad or travel often, choosing one of our 80+ U.S. addresses will ensure that you can access your business mail wherever you go from any device.

If you already have a business established, adding a virtual address allows you to expand to multiple markets and appeal to niche locales, without having to purchase expensive real estate.

Scaling your business with Earth Class Mail software also comes with a dedicated team of customer support. You may have a virtual address, but you can get your business questions answered by real address experts.

Virtual addresses for individuals

We offer individual virtual mailbox plans for those who are looking for a place to send their personal mail. Solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, and frequent travelers can use a personal virtual address while living life on the go.

What’s the difference between a virtual address and virtual mailbox?

Virtual addresses give you ownership over your own custom mailing address.

Virtual mailboxes include a virtual address—but they also offer a few more options and added flexibility. Virtual mailboxes allow you to view and manage any mail you receive at the address from any device, anywhere. Your virtual mailbox provider will receive and scan any mail you receive.

Do I need a virtual address or a virtual mailbox?

The Business Address plan allows you to select from any one of our 80+ addresses, but these plans fit those who don’t expect to get much mail. That’s because you pay à la carte for each individual item of mail scanned. If you need a virtual address just for marketing purposes, or to register a business that you plan to operate online-only, this is the plan for you.

A virtual mailbox gives you the address and the mail processing. You can select either an introductory plan. Even our basic plans include 50 mail pieces automatically scanned each month. (That doesn’t include junk mail, which we automatically shred and recycle.) You can use our check deposit feature to have payments deposited automatically.

If you want the mail processing and a custom address, you have two options:

  • You can select a basic plan and add on any of our addresses for an additional fee.
  • You can select a Premium Mailbox plan. This includes a custom address and up to 20 recipients.

We also offer business mailbox plans, which come with a virtual business address and higher mail volumes and recipients. Learn more about Earth Class Mail plans here.