The possibility of one-day registration of LLC

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Now it has become possible to open a company in just one
day. To do this, you need to use the “State Online Business
Registration” service and fulfill the following conditions:

  • The action of the LLC is carried out on the basis of a
    standard charter.
  • The applicant has an EDS of an individual with whom he
    can sign documents.
  • The head and the founder are one person.
  • The decision to create an LLC is created on the
    service’s website.

If all the conditions are met, no additional documents
will be needed, and the company will be registered in 1 day if all the data is

The original of the standard charter will also not be
needed – the number specified in the decision on the establishment of the LLC
and the clarification that the company acts on its basis will be enough. It is
necessary to choose a standard charter from previously approved options.

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