The Federation Council is discussing the introduction of AI into judicial activity

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authorities are preparing amendments to the Arbitration Procedure Code and the
Code of Administrative Offences to improve the work of the judicial system.

After the
discussions, the authorities unified all the collected proposals and sent them
for further consideration.

In addition,
the authors will separately consider the possibility of amending legislation
related to the use of artificial intelligence technologies in judicial
activities. Moreover, issues related to the use of neural networks may emerge
in the standards of legal education of lawyers in the future.

The issue of
including AI in legal proceedings has been under consideration by the
authorities since 2021. This issue became sufficiently thriving as the result
of the introduction of ChatGPT from Open AI in early 2023. Many states have
currently prohibited judges from using artificial intelligence in their activity.
The judicial community has already rejected the idea of replacing the judge
with a neural network. According to some officials, artificial intelligence is
an inanimate object and is not able to explore the psychological motives of individuals,
which means that it cannot be allowed to reach the “judge’s chair”.

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