Tax audit

Tax audit is defined as a review of company’s accounting and tax reports in order to check the reliability of information and compliance with current legislation as well as the procedure of recording and paying taxes and other payments to state budget or funds. It is is one of the essential elements of company’s effective operation.

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

Thus, tax audit has the following goals:

  • determination of correctness of the amount of taxes to be paid;
  • prevention of possible claims and penalties related to the violation of tax legislation;
  • providing the client’s management with the necessary information for the subsequent optimization of tax burden.

As soon as the company’s tax audit is finished, the specialist will prepare a professional opinion, which will reflect all the identified internal and external risks, recommendations for correcting mistakes, comments on optimizing compliance with legal requirements, opinion on the reliability of financial statements and tax optimization measures.

To sum up, tax audit services are vital for any modern business that does want to have any problems with responsible state bodies in the field of taxation. The only way to conduct tax audit is to seek professional advice of a specialist in the field of taxes. 

VALEN lawyers and accountants will be glad to provide a full range of services related to tax audit, including the following:

  • consultation on any issues related to taxation and accounting;
  • carrying out tax audit;
  • preparation of conclusion based on the data received.