Reduction of terms of accreditation for business

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The Cabinet of Ministers will reduce the terms of
accreditation for business soon. Currently, accreditation takes 61 working
days, but after consideration of the new terms, it will be reduced to 54.
According to preliminary estimates, accreditation will now be carried out 11.5%
faster. The new resolution has already been approved by the Government.

Consideration of changes in the register of accredited
persons will take 10 working days. Now it is 20, which means that the term will
be reduced by 2 times. Submission will be available in two ways – through
“Public Services” or through Federal Accreditation Service. In any of
these options, the submission takes place online without visiting
representative offices.

The innovations will also affect the procedure for
confirming competence – the period will be about 49 working days, whereas now
it is 56, with an on-site assessment or expansion of the scope of
accreditation. Up to 41 working days, the process will be reduced when
conducting a documentary or field assessment.

It is assumed that this will reduce the load.

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