New amendments to the Law on Citizenship of the Russian Federation

A new Federal Law 138F3 “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” has recently come into force, which provides for some changes in the process of obtaining citizenship. According to the new law, the procedure will become easier for respectable and law-abiding citizens. The new law contains provisions that simplify the procedure for acquiring Russian citizenship for compatriots who speak Russian and are familiar with the history of the country. These provisions were included in the new law in accordance with the development of legislation on citizenship of the Russian Federation. Over the past 20 years, more than 6.5 million people have become citizens of Russia. In addition, the new law contains a separate article on the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. This article defines the procedure for revoking a passport. 

Now the document is considered invalid if it has become unreadable or if a citizen has changed his personal data, such as full name, date and place of birth, gender. In general, the new law on simplifying the procedure for obtaining citizenship and protecting the rights of Russian citizens is an important step. It allows respectable people to become citizens of Russia with fewer obstacles and creates clearer rules for revoking a passport if necessary. 

Another important innovation is that earlier, according to the law, foreigners and stateless persons could become full-fledged Russians in a simplified manner if they had been in a registered marriage with a citizen of the Russian Federation for at least three years. Now the duration of the marriage will not matter. And the basis for a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship is only the presence of a common child, and it does not matter whether he is native or adopted. 

It is also important that the state has not banned the acquisition of citizenship of other countries. This fact does not cancel Russian citizenship. 

The new law introduced the concept of “multiple citizenship” for those who have passports of countries with which Russia does not have dual citizenship agreements. With multiple citizenship, each country considers itself as “the main one” – with the corresponding duties. And all the rights and obligations of Russians, including military service, are reserved for them. It is necessary to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 60 days of obtaining a second citizenship.