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With the onset of the pandemic, consumers began to actively switch to online shopping in stores and marketplaces. In this regard, business began to actively move into the development of electronic commerce, which significantly increased competition in the field of online sales. There was a need to develop a marketing team, developers, engineers.
Using the example of such a large marketplace as Avito, we will analyze how they managed to maintain their business and become a full-fledged trading platform for Russian entrepreneurs.
During the pandemic, e-commerce gained significant momentum, there was a massive demand for buying goods online, which in turn gave birth to a supply. For example, Amazon’s UK revenue grew 50% to $26.5 billion in 2020. Russia has seen a similar increase in online sales. According to Data Insight, from 2020 to 2021, the volume of electronic sales grew by 52% and reached 4.3 trillion rubles.
At present, almost everything is possible on online platforms: search for jobs/employees, customers/service providers, order goods, and much more.
When choosing an online platform for doing business, entrepreneurs pay attention to the popularity of such a platform among the target audience, ease of use, the price for promoting their products, the ratio of price and quality of the site’s service, logistics and other factors. It is on the basis of these criteria that more than 60% of respondents, according to a study by the Russian Association of Electronic Commerce (RAEC), chose Avito as the most comfortable online environment for promoting trade.
Microenterprises pay attention, first of all, to the amount of necessary investments in the promotion of their products, with the expectation of their return in the shortest possible time. Entrepreneurs also pay attention to the reliability of the marketplace in case of possible blocking of sites.
Marketplace “Avito” provides businesses with access to a large audience due to its popularity, various tools for promoting products, including advertising and analytics, and logistics services. The platform has great functionality. For example, a person can buy an apartment on Avito and immediately find a repairman in the services section, find furniture, and also use the services of logisticians for moving and transporting luggage. This is very convenient, because people can solve all their needs within one platform.
To maintain its credibility, the Avito team works on the security of its platform. For example, an anti-spam and number protection program has been developed. The company is also developing its own delivery.
The presence of a wide audience of buyers and minimal investment for working with Avito attract, among other things, representatives of large businesses. For large businesses, it is possible to create a separate page on the site, which significantly increases sales growth.
The experience of the largest online platform in Russia can also help other entrepreneurs in developing a strategy for promoting their goods and services.