Companies will start using power of attorney in digital format from 2023


machine-readable power of attorney is an innovation in the law. From September
1, 2023, legal entities and entrepreneurs will be able to use it in their work.

This power
of attorney can only exist in digital format. It can be used in electronic
document management using an electronic digital signature. An electronic power
of attorney, unlike a machine-readable one, is prepared in paper form, and then
translated into digital form.

definition of a machine-readable power of attorney is fixed in the Law on
Electronic Signature. This document is called a document of authority. A
machine-readable power of attorney is made in XML format and signed with an
enhanced qualified electronic signature.

This tool
appeared in 2023 and public services may not yet be adapted to its use. The
power of attorney can be used in PDF format on public services and in the tax
service, until the function for accepting machine-readable powers of attorney
has been launched.

Данный инструмент появился в 2023 году и государственные сервисы пока могут быть еще не адаптированы к ее использованию. Доверенность можно использовать в формате PDF на государственных услугах и в налоговой, пока не была запущена функция для приема машиночитаемых доверенностей.


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