11 thousand branches of Russian businesses have been opened abroad

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By opening a foreign company or representative office,
entrepreneurs can significantly save on logistics and taxes. They also provide
the opportunity to obtain residence permits and access to foreign financial
systems and banking procedures that are currently unavailable in Russia. Since
2022, Russian companies have opened more than 11 thousand branches, including
countries such as Serbia, the UAE, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

Over the past two years, the number of representative
offices of Russian business in Serbia has amounted to more than 9 thousand, in
the UAE – more than 1.5 thousand, in Armenia – more than 800, and in Kyrgyzstan
– more than 400.

In the UAE, businessmen can arrange supplies, provide
services in the field of cosmetology and develop the hotel and restaurant
segment. Kyrgyzstan and Armenia are members of the EAEU, which simplifies
customs procedures and the process of registering new companies. Kyrgyzstan
also assumes faster access to textile goods.

In Serbia, Russian companies are opening
kindergartens, coworking spaces and providing legal and business consulting
services. There is a programResidence permit for starting a
business”, thanks to which 600 new offices were opened in 2023.

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