Open company in Russia – E commerce

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E commerce industry has boost to Covid-19 lockdowns and pushed shopping online. Companies which want to explore only marketing have two options:

  1. selling products through their own website;
  2. opening store on a E-Commerce platform.

Set up E commerce business in Russia must comply with certain laws and to the internet legislation.

These are steps to  Set up a  store in E commerce platform  in Russia

1.Choosing E commerce platform.

Choosing E commerce platform, due to personal data protection regulations in Russia the most successful e-commerce platforms are oriented to domicile market.

Russian leading E commerce platforms:

2. TMs registration.

TM – trademarks . E-commerce platforms (e.g., require merchants to also prove the rights for the use of the trademarks (TM). Therefore, foreign companies that do not have their TMs registered within the domestic territory of Russia, would need to register them before the opening of their shop on the e-commerce platform.

3 Opening  subsidiary.

To be able to shop on e commerce platform, a foreign company would need to have a Russian subsidiary Exceptions arise in cases in which a foreign company’s shop is opened on a non-Russian e-commerce platform. In this case, specific requirements would be regulated by the laws of the country where the platform is registered.
Documents for the ownership and quality certificates of the products.
When the  company is a  manufacturer of a final product, they would also need to prepare  quality certificates and other documents providing evidence as to the ownership of the products.

4. Registration on E commerce platform.

When all the required documents are prepared, a foreign company needs to submit an application with all related documents to the e-commerce platform. Based on internal rules, approval by the e-commerce platform may take from 3 days to 2 weeks.

Our experts are ready to provide comprehensive support for foreign entrepreneurs and businesses, they will help you at all stages, from a preliminary assessment of the situation and choosing the best solution to obtaining all the necessary registration documents and getting started.

By seeking legal advice, you will receive the following guarantees: the result will be achieved within a certain period, and any issue will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, and all this for reasonable money. Besides, you will protect yourself from possible risks and mistakes, which can turn out to negative consequences.

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