Financial outsourcing

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Any business, regardless of its nature and size, must keep accounting records. But how to do that: to hire a full-time accountant, or contact financial services outsourcing companies – this is an individual matter. Typically, in most cases, a full-time employee is more expensive than financial services outsourcing. Therefore, there is a demand for such services, it is stable and quite significant both in Moscow and in other regions of Russia. Here we will briefly consider what a client can be offered within the framework of financial outsourcing and what advantages it gives.

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

What services are offered for outsourcing?

There are quite few outsource financial offers on the market, ranging from individual small tasks to complete control of document flow. This is especially true for start-up businesses that are just creating their working accounting system, do not know what is better to choose, which tax rate will be the best, how to maintain personnel documents, payroll issues, and other important legal aspects. Which option is right for you: one-time services, or ongoing support – the choice is up to you. Also, finance outsourcing companies conduct a comprehensive audit, check the correctness of documents, arrange vacation and sick leave, help optimize costs, submit reports to the tax service and other auditing organizations, etc.

What are the advantages of financial outsourcing?

Before the pandemic of coronavirus, not many people worked remotely, however the quarantine has cnanged the situation, when most people were forced to work from home. Thus, it became much more efficient to turn to financial services outsourcing. The specialists of these companies can work remotely while maintaining effective communication.  This is exactly what is needed in conditions of restrictions.

Financial services outsourcing companies almost always work remotely, and you can be sure that at a crucial moment your financial statements will be completed and the accountant will not disappear, even though this person is located in another city, for example. Besides, such work allows you to automate most of the processes and thus get the best performance, and therefore cost-efficiency.

Financial services outsourcing includes the following:

  • Service of a qualified specialist;
  • Assistance in cost optimization;
  • Confidence in a positive result;
  • Availability, even on non-working days;
  • Interchangeability of people;
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world (electronic reports);
  • Saving time and money.

Who is financial outsourcing suitable for?

The laws of the Russian Federation do not require special education from accountants, therefore a director, for example, may well deal with financial reporting. But, as practice shows, these duties take up a lot of time, especially if a non-specialist is engaged in this since everything must be checked and specified, therefore it is much more profitable to use the services of financial services outsourcing companies.

Moreover, it is often not profitable to hire a full-time accountant because the work is irregular. This is exactly the case when it would be better to apply for outsourcing. Thus, it is a small business interested in maximum cost optimization most often turns to such services.

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