Financial outsourcing

Financial Outsource is modern and fresh way of dealing with finances. It implies transferring a part of functions to specialized firm. This is a way to deal with many problems. 

The main advantages of financial outsourcing are the following:

  • reduce of expenses, since there is no need to employ in-house accountants on full-time job 
  • increase of effectiveness since you will have an experienced professional working for you.

Financial services are crucial for business. It provides a required level of control, which is needed for every business owner. It creates a basis of planning, as it provides a full-detailed report of company finances, without which successful operation is impossible. 

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

Reducing the costs is very important for every business and financial outsourcing is considered to be one of the finest way to do this. So, the question is how is it possible to have a more experienced accountant for the less price? The answer is – working hours. An outsourcing accountant is only paid when he is working for you. Moreover there is no need to pay taxes or pension contributions, which are necessary to pay for in-house employee. 

Financial services are very crucial, but difficult part of every business. It requires specialized knowledge and experience as well as almost non-stop training, as the time goes, and new rules and techniques appear. 

VALEN provides qualified remote accounting services to companies of different profiles and scales. 

  • We provide comprehensive support to LLC, JSC and sole proprietors, cooperation with organizations from Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation. Our employees have many years of experience in accounting. 
  • We will put in order current documentation or organize accounting from scratch, help to reduce tax base and avoid sanctions from regulatory authorities. 
  • Our staff will also advise you on any issues related to financial and tax accounting.