Financial and Tax due diligence

Tax due diligence is the process of identifying the company’s tax burden as well as completeness of tax payment. It also may include the analysis of company’s legal status, the chosen tax system, and the company’s calculations with the budget.

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

Tax audit allows to resolve the following issues:

  • to evaluate the financial performance of the company;
  • to reveal mistakes in taxation and failure to pay some taxes. 

The purpose of tax due diligence is to identify the correctness of settlements with state bodies as well as to assess the degree of tax burden, the validity of benefits and existing preferences. Compliance with all legal requirements in the field of taxation will also be the object of the study.

Thus, the main aim of tax due diligence is to identify real risks that may affect the terms of the transaction. That is why almost no deal can be made without a specialist in the field of taxation, who will perform the following actions within the framework of tax due diligence:

  • identify mistakes of past tax periods;
  • establish the risks of assigning a tax audit from Tax Service;
  • identify the risks of additional tax charges and propose options for reducing such risks.

VALEN lawyers and accountants will be glad to provide the full range of services related to tax due diligence as well as professional support at any stage of the transaction.