Accounting services

How do they keep accounting in Russia? According to the laws of the Russian Federation, any legal entity conducting commercial activities is required to keep accounting records. Accounting is kept from the very first day when a company is added to the Register until the last day when it is excluded from the Register. A director (managing manager) is responsible for the organization of this process. Besides, any accounting documents issued by a legal entity must be signed by this managing director, otherwise, they are illegitimate. The Federal Taxation Service of the Russian Federation has the right to conduct regular checks of accounting documents and impose a penalty for a company in case of any mistakes (formal: mistakes in documents and actual: any inaccurate or false data). So, any business needs professional accountant business services. 

Comparing a legal entity (Limited Liability Company) and a sole proprietor, the accounting will be much easier in the second case, since local legislation does not oblige sole proprietors to document all transactions. However, despite the fact that it is easier for sole proprietors to do the bookkeeping, they still need professional advice.

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

Thus, among accountant services we can mention the following ones: collect and systematize data on the company property and its commercial operations. This information allows regulatory authorities to quickly assess the legal basis of activities, and check the profitability/loss ratio. In addition to accounting books, accounting includes tax payment, work with personnel, as well as any transactions with money (income and expenses), and agreements with suppliers, contributions from investors, and transactions with customers.

Financial documents can be used to estimate the current company state, its profitability, and success. However, accounting is not limited to ledgers. It also covers taxes, personnel, primary documentation, all transactions with any assets, as well as contracts with suppliers, investors, partners, customers.

What accounting services do they offer in Russia?

The Laws of the Russian Federation do not oblige to hire an accountant for this work, thus in theory a company director can keep it, but it is very difficult to do both company management and accounting, moreover it requires special knowledge, skills, and experience. And inspectors from the tax service will impose a penalty for your violations, no matter who makes up the documents. So the best choice is to entrust this issue to professionals and order accountant business services to avoid potentially unpleasant consequences.

Hiring a professional accountant, you can count on the following services (divided into blocks):

  1. Reports for federal services. This includes preparing and submitting reports required by the Russian Laws to the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund, and the Federal State Statistics Service, including via the Internet (taking into account the specifics of different business structures of LLC, sole proprietor).
  2. Tax burden optimization. It is extremely important for a professional accountant not only to draw up and send reports to the regulatory bodies correctly and on time, but also to analyze the current situation in a company and identify possible options for reducing the tax burden (legal ones). Reducing the tax burden allows the company to save money and spend it on business development.
  3. Work with personnel, salary accounting. Also, accountant duties include the calculation of salaries, sick leaves, vacations, and the formation of payments.

Thus, it is obvious, that a person responsible for this work must have special knowledge and certain skills in working with documents to conduct company accounting effectively. This is exactly what our company offers you.

Accounting outsourcing from the VALEN company

Our company provides legal and accounting outsourcing for companies and sole proprietors in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation. Our accountants are highly qualified specialists with vast practical experience in this country. Our accountants can quickly start accounting and solve your business tasks, including advising on tax burden optimization. Our accounting services include:

  • Comprehensive accounting and tax accounting;
  • Complex maintenance of personnel records;
  • Submitting reports to the Federal Taxation Service, as well as to special Funds;
  • Interaction with local banks in carrying out all the necessary financial issues;
  • Assistance in drafting contracts with partners, suppliers, customers;
  • Interaction with state inspection bodies during inspections;
  • Identification and elimination of accounting inaccuracies.

Why Valen?

We are well aware of the fact that the correct accounting in a company is the basis for its successful work in the long term. Therefore, this task must be entrusted to professionals, and if you have no such professional among your staff, we are ready to support you.

Accounting is a matter of skills. Having sufficient knowledge and experience in solving all routine issues, it will not take much time, and you, as a business owner, will be able to focus on the issues that are important for the development and growth of the company. Thus, you get an effective solution to your accounting issue for a small fee.

Reporting for government services, dealing with your employees’ vacations, sick leaves, and similar day-to-day tasks – all of that must be done regularly, and our specialists are the best at it. If you order accountant services from our company, we will take care of everything. At the same time, the costs of such outsourcing will be even less than when you hire an accountant.

We work with LLCs and other forms of legal entities, as well as with sole proprietors.