Accounting & Tax

Accounting is essential and obligatory, according to Russian legislation. It plays a major role in free-trade relationships, as it allows other agents to get information about the company, its safety as well as provide business owners with an information required to make right decisions.  Moreover, law enforcement officials always scrutinize accounting reports in detail to find any mistakes. To keep business out of trouble and to look representable for counter agents, financial reports must be made with no mistakes. 

Government has interest in accounting reports for taxation matters. These reports show company’s money flow and that is the main object for taxation, which every company usually tries to reduce.  

This is a very important task, one, which unprofessional can undermine and cannot do it on his own, unless he has the required knowledge and experience. Nowadays, it is a common practice to hire specialized companies for outsource accounting. They provide experience and skill for reasonable money, as you do not have to pay them for being your in-house accountants. Such specialists are only paid when their assistance is needed, what eventually, is more available for companies. 

Financial outsourcing (keeping accounting records) from 300 euro
Tax consulting from 50 euro

Thus, consulting can help to achieve the following results:

  • optimization of the tax base, in accordance with current legislation;
  • reducing the risks associated with mistakes and inaccuracies in the calculation and payment of taxes;
  • representation of company’s interests in the tax authorities.

VALEN will be glad to provide a full range of services related to accounting and taxation considering the specifics of a particular taxpayer and all the requirements of tax legislation, including the following:

  • Assessment of tax risks before making decisions about investments, signing contracts and agreements.
  • Qualified preparation for inspections by public authorities.
  • Help with accounting when creating or transforming a business.
  • Prompt notification of changes in tax and accounting legislation.
  • Protection of the company’s interests in tax disputes.
  • An effective financial strategy development.