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Russian Lawyer VS Russian Advocate – What is the dissimilarity?

There are a considerable number of professional lawyers and law firms in Russia and Moscow, but only a few of them deliver legal services for foreigners in English and German language.

In addition, Russian law firms can consist of both lawyers and professional advocates. And these meanings are not equal.

Russian lawyers are divided into just lawyers and professional advocates – attorneys.

A Russian lawyer has a higher legal education and can represent claims in courts based on a «power of attorney», except in criminal cases.

The status of an advocate implies greater legal rights, including the right to defend in criminal cases.

Some individuals think that they can manage their problems since they do not want to spend extra time and money on legal services. Others do not rely on their own experience and strength, and their first reaction to a legal problem that has occurred is to contact people who know how to provide qualified support.

When is it worth using the services of an English or German-speaking Russian lawyer?

To quickly and expertly solve any issue or make a decision, it is worth considering the possible options and not being overconfident. A person can turn to a lawyer if he needs help solving legal issues. Nevertheless, before asking to provide the necessary service, you need to get acquainted with his type of specialty. A lawyer is a professional who provides skilled assistance in legal matters to individuals and legal entities.

It is his direct obligation to be impartial and to fully use his understanding and experience to help a client in need. The field of work of lawyers can be very diverse.

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