The government will simplify the purchase of businesses leaving the Russian Federation

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business will get the right to purchase foreign companies that intend to leave
the Russian market. The measures are aimed at adapting the Russian economy and
preserving jobs.

government has approved 14 new measures to maintain the stability of the
Russian economy in the face of sanctions. The main goal is to save jobs.

the assets of companies worth up to 2 billion rubles can be bought in a
simplified manner. Assets in the resolution are understood as: shares, shares,
intellectual property rights.

transactions should not be coordinated with the antimonopoly service. The
Cabinet of Ministers notes that this process takes a lot of time, which leads
to job cuts or even business liquidation.

resolution does not apply to strategic areas of the economy where control is

government is confident that the proposed measures will accelerate the
transition of Russian business to a new format in the face of sanctions.

is planned to attract additional investments through the opening of new special
economic zones, including in the tourism sector. To do this, the lease of land
in the SEZ and obtaining the status of a resident will be simplified.

The Prime
Minister of the Russian Federation said that the government pays special
attention to the issue of import substitution. Sanctions pressure forces many
foreign brands to leave the Russian market. While the main task of the
government today is to preserve jobs and maintain the stability of the economy.

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